Industrial Manipulators with rigid arms   Industrial Manipulators with cables  
  Manipulator Partner PM   Manipulator Partner Equo

from 6 Kg to 550 Kg

  Manipulator Minipartner   Manipulator Minipartner MP

from 5 Kg to 80 Kg - model PLUS from 5 Kg to 220 Kg

  Manipulator Partner PS  

Manipulator Partner PS

from 6 Kg to 300 Kg

  Manipulator Posivel  

Manipulator Posivel PV

from 5 Kg to 60 Kg

  Manipulator Maxipartner  

Manipulator Maxipartner MX

from 50 Kg to 900 Kg

  Manipulator Posifil  

Manipulator Posifil PF

from 5 Kg to 120 Kg

  Manipulator Micropartner  

Manipulator Micropartner MI

from 5 Kg to 125 Kg

  Manipulator Speedyfil  

Manipulator Speedyfil SP

from 5 Kg to 80 Kg

  Structural criteria:
• column mounted version, in order to make the single places of work autonomous; the Manipulator can be equipped with a base-plate to be fixed to the floor or with a portable base-plate for forklift or pallet truck for possible movements.
• overhead trolley mounted version, which allows to avoid any encumbrances on the ground; the Manipulator can be fixed to a ceiling plate, or to a sliding trolley along an overhead runway track: this last model can be used for a bigger working area.
Zero gravity lifting device

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