Dalmec your handling solution

Every day, in any sector, it is necessary to face different handling problems. Dalmec has become over the years a recognized supplier of manufactured products handling having solved the company problems for all types of companies. The Dalmec products and services perfectly integrate with a company’s infrastructure, satisfying handling needs and slashing the costs, allowing improvements to its’ own structure.

Solutions for product sector

Dalmec is present into the best industries all over the world, our Manipulators are used in any industrial sector;

The Dalmec specialists and consultants have the necessary know-how and knowledge to work with you during the whole conception process and from the design to the concept process to the implementation of a new sector solution.

Company solutions

Any production activity needs to be provided with a great quality range of handling equipment, to allow a total safety operation. This is what Dalmec can do for you: supply you with all the technologic, ergonomic instruments purposely designed and dimensioned for the load handling along all the production line and all the logistic chain, necessary for the best growth and development of your activity.




Solutions for the product being handled

Some “common” products are listed in the table, which Dalmec deals with every day. Different types of Manipulators have been designed for these products, with different gripping systems suitable to solve any handling problem.



Solutions for specific products

Dalmec Manipulators are designed to optimize the use of the human resourses into any production and logistic chain, with immediate effects on the work quality and profitability. They are also the result of deep engineering competences, applied to the production processes study, personalized on the different gripping problems. The operation analysis, the designing activity, the simulations and the prototypes realization, are phases of the production process that Dalmec carries out in perfect synergy with the customer, continuously reviewing and updating the project progress.