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Lift assist device with suction cups for panels

Lift assist device – Manipulator overhead trolley mounted version for panels

Manipulator Partner Equo, overhead trolley mounted version, with pneumatic motorization to facilitate the sliding in the runways. The suction cups tooling allows the gripping and the handling of panels having different dimensions and weight to be picked from a stack and to be positioned on several workbenches. The Manipulator is supplied complete with an overhead trolley to run in a tracking system, composed of two opposite aluminium U sections with connecting and stiffening ribs,complete with attachment points for an overhead suspension and end buffers. The junction between the various parts is done with screws.

Lifting devices for metal containers

Lifting devices for the handling of metal containers

Manipulator Partner PEC with a gripping tooling for containers of brass high-precision turned parts.

Manipulator Partner Equo type, column mounted version with special supporting structure, equipped with a pinch jaws gripping device for the handling of containers of brass high-precision turned parts; the containers may have different sizes.

Manipulator with suction cups for glasses

Manipulator for the handling of glasses

Manipulator, column mounted version, equipped with Dalmec suction cups gripping system for the lifting and handling of plate glasses – vehicles. The gripping device allows the picking of the glass positioned horizontally and after a pneumatic inclination of 90° its positioning in vertical in special containers. The suction cups are adjustable in order to allow the gripping of glasses having variable dimensions.