Since 1963, DALMEC is the world leader in the field of industrial manipulators – zero balancers. Our experience is enriched every day by new applications. There are now more than 60,000 manipulators in operation in all industrialized areas of the five continents manufactured in the industrial plant of Cles (TN) which covers an area of 25,000 m2 of which more than 14000 m2 are covered.

Lifting devices for metal containers

Lifting devices for the handling of metal containers

Manipulator Partner PEC with a gripping tooling for containers of brass high-precision turned parts.

Manipulator Partner Equo type, column mounted version with special supporting structure, equipped with a pinch jaws gripping device for the handling of containers of brass high-precision turned parts; the containers may have different sizes.


Manipulator with suction cups for glasses

Manipulator for the handling of glasses

Manipulator, column mounted version, equipped with Dalmec suction cups gripping system for the lifting and handling of plate glasses – vehicles. The gripping device allows the picking of the glass positioned horizontally and after a pneumatic inclination of 90° its positioning in vertical in special containers. The suction cups are adjustable in order to allow the gripping of glasses having variable dimensions.


Loading and unloading of goods within a container

Loading and unloading of goods within a container – Industrial Manipulators Dalmec for the handlings of goods within a container

Thanks to Micropartner Manipulator mounted on a portable baseplate for pallet truck, Dalmec can provide solutions for the loading or unloading of various types of goods inside of containers.