Dalmec in the industrial vehicles sector

Dalmec Manipulators at work in some of the most prestigious automotive industries in the world.

Dalmec has faced and solved all the handling problems in the auto – industrial vehicles sector; many are the installations all over the world.

Dalmec manipulators are flexible and adaptable – a perfect tool not only for controlling production processes and increasing productivity but also for resolving problems related to the movement of products in logistics. Thanks to the uniquely customer-focused approach, from functional analysis and designing to manufacturing, Dalmec manipulators are applied with maximum advantage in the most various sectors from mechanical, chemical and food industry to the building sector and manufacturing in general.

The key to success lies in the simplicity of the approach, the high-quality standards, the capability and engineering know-how, but above all in the strength and consistency applied to a simple, initial idea – help a man perform his job as effortlessly as possible.