Bags tomato concentrate

Lifting arm for bags.

Manipulator standard Partner type, column mounted. The operator picks up the bags filled in with tomato concentrate, from different storage crates and deposits them on a roller conveyor. The vacuum is generated by an ejector type “Venturi”.

Dalmec is present in companies all over the world. Dalmec engineers and consultants have the necessary know-how to work with you during the whole process, from conception and design to the implementation of a new sector solution.
We consider safety a matter of utmost importance and a fundamental component common to all products that we manufacture in conformity with the UNI EN standards and in compliance with the EC Atex directives and with all safety guidelines and markings. Functional analysis, design, study of the different technical solutions available, simulations and prototypes creation are all phases in the production process that DALMEC carries out in close partnership with the client, with continuous controls and reviews during project development.

Lifting arm for bags

Manipulator Partner type, standard unit, column mounted for bags.
Characteristics: Max weight capacity: 50 Kg – Max working radius: 2900 mm – Vertical lift: 2000 mm
Well-trained design staff are able to develop state-of-the-art equipment, which ensure the operators ergonomic use of the Manipulators.
Every project is developed according to the instructions given by the Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery and after a careful and a methodical analysis of the risks.