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Dalmec Thailandia

We're excited to share some fantastic news to enhance your experience with our products and services. As part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible support and resources, we relocated our office to a new, upgraded location with a new showroom space. This move brings with it

Dalmec India

The inauguration ceremony of the new Dalmec India headquarters was held on October 25th in Pimpri, in the Pune district. A special event in which the international spirit and professionalism of Dalmec met local traditions to celebrate the opening of a new, more modern and spacious headquarters. The large offices

Dalmec Dubai

On 23 October, we inaugurated in Dubai our new representative headquarters for the Middle East market. The opening further strengthens our positioning in the Middle East market. The newly established office, located in Sharjah Airport Free Zone, hosts a showroom and a centre for technical training activities where are exposed

Pipe rolls

Dalmec weight zeroiser type Maxipartner Equo in column version for handling pipe rolls. Dalmec weight zeroiser with pinch jaws tooling, suitable for gripping and handling pipe rolls with different diameters, weights and dimensions.

Dalmec Support enlargement

A significant achievement that establishes new goals. To attain them, we can now rely on a more competitive, flexible, and efficient plant, thanks to the most recent expansion of Dalmec Support production facility. This new phase includes the enlargement of approximately one-third of the current warehouse’s area, built a few