Drums lifting

Drums lifting – Manipulator Partner PEC for drums

Manipulator Partner type PEC column mounted version, designed for gripping cardboard drums weighing up to 400 kg. 

The lateral gripping of the drum is achieved by means of six in-line suction cups. Vacuum is generated by a multi-stage “Venturi” type ejector. 

They are easy to use and allow the operator to handle drums in the work area quickly, accurately and safely.

Industrial manipulators for drums are manufactured by adapting their type, design, dimensions and gripping systems to the specific needs of the user and to the various environmental situations.

Drums lifting – Dalmec industrial Manipulators for drums handling

Manipulators Partner PEC column mounted verson, designed for the gripping of cardboard drums.

DALMEC has been able to propose solutions that allow continuous and safe operation over time. Designed and manufactured for specific movements, our pneumatic lifters are adapted to the functional requirements of each customer’s production processes.

In this way, over the years, DALMEC has become a recognized supplier of solutions designed to optimize the use of human resources in any production or logistics chain, with a direct impact on work quality and profitability.

Hundreds of Dalmec pneumatic lifters are in use in the world’s most important industries.

Our pneumatic lifters are equipped with different types of gripping devices to allow lifting, rotating and tilting products of any size and material, from 5 Kg to 900 Kg.