Frozen meat

Manipulator for frozen meats

Manipulator fitted with special stainless steel hooks for the gripping and handling of frozen meat.

Our pneumatic manipulators, designed and manufactured according to specific movements are studied on the functional needs of the production processes of each individual client.
So, over the years, DALMEC has become a widely recognized and established supplier of solutions designed to optimize human resources in any production or logistics chain, with an immediate impact on work quality and profitability.
Hundreds of Dalmec manipulators are used for handling reels in the leading industries all over the world. Our manipulators are equipped with different types of gripping devices able to lift, rotate and tilt reels of all sizes and materials with a weight from 5 Kg to 900 Kg.

Movimentazione di insaccati – mortadelle.

Manipolatore Partner in esecuzione a colonna con basamento autostabile e attrezzo con forca in acciaio inox, per movimentazione di mortadelle.

Semplici da usare, consentono all’operatore di movimentare i carichi nello spazio operativo, in modo veloce, preciso e sicuro.

Questi Manipolatori vengono realizzati ad attandone tipo, esecuzione, caratteristiche dimensionali e sistemi di presa alle specifiche esigenze dell’Utilizzatore ed alle varie situazioni ambientali.



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