Handling of yoghurt packs

Handling of yoghurt packs
Manipulator Partner Equo, column version, equipped with adjustable retractable fork tooling, suitable for gripping food products packed in special boxes arranged in multiple layers.

This fork system is ideal for handling boxes and packaging. The use of this manipulator is simple and guarantees maximum precision.

All Dalmec technicians and specialists, thanks to their skills, will always be at your side starting from the design to the realization and installation of the new manipulator.


Each manipulator is made and adapted to the various specific needs of the final recipient, taking into account the different environmental circumstances.

Our manipulators fulfill all the requests contained in the legislation to guarantee the fundamental health and safety in the handling of loads within the world of work. As it is known, it is not allowed to lift weights over 25 kg for men and over 20 kg for women. Furthermore, Dalmec Manipulators avoid risks and damages to the spinal column, eliminating the load on the operator.

All Dalmec products are designed and manufactured according to the UNI EN standards and in compliance with the CE – Atex directives.

Functional analysis, design, study of the different technical solutions available, simulations and prototypes creation are all phases in the production process that DALMEC carries out in close partnership with the client, with continuous controls and reviews during project development.