DALMEC Industrial Manipulators allow the ergonomic, safe and effective handling of any product. We are able to lift every kind of product weighing from 6 up to 1500 kilograms using compressed-air only.


DALMEC Industrial Manipulators with rigid – articulated arms, equipped with special gripping tools, are suitable to handle manufactured products having an off-set centre of mass compared to the vertical axis of the Manipulator arm. The modular structure has been designed to resist the torsions resulted from this stress.

Type Versions Misaligned loads Weight capacity Radius Vertical lift Rotation axes
Partner Standad Column PSC

Fixed overhead PSF

Running overhead PSS

NO max 250 Kg  max 2900 mm max 2000 mm 2 PDF
Micropartner Column MIC

Fixed overhead MIF

Running overhead MIS

YES max 125 kg max 2800 mm max 1400 mm 3  PDF
Partner Equo Column PEC

Fixed overhead PEF

Running overhead PES

YES max 550 kg max 4000 mm max 2450 mm 3  PDF
Maxipartner Equo Column MEC

Fixed overhead MEF

Running overhead MES

YES max 900 Kg max 4500 mm max 2200 mm 2  PDF
Megapartner Column MGC YES Max 1500 Kg Max 5000 mm Max 3050 3  PDF


DALMEC Industrial Manipulators with double cable, equipped with simple gripping tools, allow the handling of light loads in a weightless condition, throughout the working area. The gripping tool is connected to the balancing group by two independent steel cables to guarantee max safety. The particular double arm structure and middle joint makes it easy to operate within the entire working area.

Type Versions Misaligned loads Weight capacity Radius Vertical lift Rotation axes
Posivel Column PVC

Fixed overhead PVF

Overhead running PVS

NO max 60 Kg  max 2600 mm max 1700 mm 3 PDF
Posifil Column PFC

Fixed overhead PFF

Overhead running PFS

NO max 120 kg max 3000 mm max 1800 mm 3  PDF
Posiplus Column PPC

Fixed overhead PPF

Overhead running PPS

NO max 200 kg max 4500 mm max 1900 mm 3  PDF
Speedyfil Column SPC

Fixed overhead SPF

Overhead running SPS

NO max 80 kg max 2000 mm max 2150 mm 3  PDF
Minipartner Column MPC

Fixed overhead MPF

Overhead running MPS

NO max 80 Kg max 1800 mm 1  PDF