Lifting device for metal rounds

Lifting device for metal rounds.

Maxipartner MXC type manipulator, column version, equipped with a pneumatic mandrel for gripping and rotating mechanical products with a max weight. of 700 kg.

Mechanical parts manipulators offer numerous advantages, including:

Improved safety: reduce the risk of worker injury by eliminating the need for manual lifting and moving of mechanical parts.

Increased productivity: allow mechanical parts to be moved more quickly and easily, which can increase productivity.

Reduced costs: can reduce costs associated with worker injuries and damages to mechanical parts.

Improved ergonomics: reduce the physical exertion required by workers, which can improve comfort and reduce fatigue.

If you are considering purchasing a drum handler, it is important to consider your specific needs, such as the lifting capacity, reach, and size of the drums you will be moving. You should also consider the type of environment in which the handler will be used and the necessary safety features.

Safety is a matter of primary importance and an essential component common to all products we design and manufacture according to EN standards and in compliance with CE – Atex directives and all safety indicators. Functional analysis, design activities, the study of the various technical solutions available, simulations and the creation of prototypes, the use of high quality raw materials and components, are phases of the production process that DALMEC carries out in perfect harmony with the customer, subjecting the progress of the project to continuous checks and rigorous testing.

Maxipartner Manipulators equipped with special gripping devices can handle loads up to 900 kg

Simple to use, they allow the operator to move products of all kinds throughout the working area quickly, accurately and safely.

These Manipulators are manufactured by adapting their type, execution, dimensional characteristics and gripping systems to the specific needs of the User and the various environmental situations.