Pails – hook

Hook lifter for pails

PVC type Posivel manipulator, column design, equipped with specially shaped hook designed for palletizing pails.
Characteristics: Max weight capacity: 60 Kg – Max working radius: 2600 mm – Vertical lift: 1700 mm
Our systems, enable you to lift and handle your products with the upmost precision.
DALMEC continuously strives to find the best solution to allow the handling of loads without any effort in accordance with the ergonomic criteria.

Posivel type lifter for pails with hook, column mounted version

Posivel type lifter for pails with hook, column mounted version

Posifil with interchangeable hook for pails

Manipulator with double rope type Posifil, column mounted, fitted with a hook for handling of pails with different shapes and weights.
The gripping of the different pails is obtained thanks to the rapid replacement of the gripping head (interchangeable).
Each manipulator is a guarantee from the functioning and the safety point of view.
We consider safety a matter of utmost importance and a fundamental component common to all products that we manufacture in conformity with the UNI EN standards and in compliance with the EC Atex directives and with all safety guidelines and markings. Functional analysis, design, study of the different technical solutions available, simulations and prototypes creation are all phases in the production process that DALMEC carries out in close partnership with the client, with continuous controls and reviews during project development.