Insulating material reels

Dalmec manipulator Maxipartner, column mounted version for handling reels of insulating material.

The gripping device is equipped with interchangeable jaws for gripping reels of insulating material on the external diameter  and is equipped with a pneumatic system for 90° inclination. The maximum capacity of the Maxipartner Manipulator is 900 kg with an action radius of 4500 mm.

There are hundreds of Dalmec manipulators working in the best industries in the world used for the handling of reels.

Our manipulators are equipped with different types of gripping devices to allow lifting, rotating, tilting reels of all sizes and materials.

Our manipulators allow you to lift and move your products with the utmost precision.

DALMEC questions itself every day to find the right solution to allow the handling of products in the absence of weight in compliance with ergonomic rules.

Maxipartner manipulator column mounted, equipped with self-centering gripping jaws for handling big reels. The tooling allows the 90° inclination of the load by a particular pneumatic device. 

The Manipulator is also provided with lateral motorization of the column axis which allows the manipulator to be rotated around its main axis, considerably facilitating the operator in the horizontal movement of the load.