Dalmec is constantly investing in research and innovation

Positioner floor pans – metal sheets

Positioner for floor pans – metal sheets Dalmec gripping system with a suction cups device applied to Partner Equo Manipulator for the lifting and handling of metal sheet floor pans for vehicles.


DALMEC INDIA KNOWLEDGE FORUM 2019 DALMEC INDUSTRIAL MANIPULATORS INDIA PVT. LTD   “Knowledge Forum” of our branch office in India to improve and deepen the cognition of our Manipulators.

Balancing device for mounting seats

Balancing device for mounting seats with variable shapes and sizes. Manipulator Partner Equo, overhead trolley mounted version equipped with pinch jaws tooling for handling and installation of bus seats with variable shapes and types.

Plastic containers

Manipulator Partner Equo type, column mounted version, equipped with a pinch jaws gripping device for the handling containers for food products, the gripping tooling allows the gripping of 1 or 3 containers from roller conveyor and  positioning them on pallets.