Dalmec is constantly investing in research and innovation

Stainless steel Manipulators

Stainless steel Dalmec Manipulators Dalmec, thanks to the skills acquired over years of experience, is able to manufacture its entire range of Manipulators in stainless steel.

Bricks handling

Bricks handling – Manipulators for building materials  Manipulator Partner Equo type, column mounted version, equipped with a pinch jaws device designed for the gripping of bricks blocks.

Sheets handling bending

Sheets – handling – bending Manipulator fitted with adjustable suction cups tooling designed for the gripping and positioning of steel plates on a bending machine.

New Manipulator Posiplus

NEW PNEUMATIC MANIPULATOR POSIPLUS PP WITH DOUBLE CABLE POSIPLUS PP is a double cable manipulator with high load capacities, capable of handling loads up to 200 kg and reaching working radii up to 4500 mm.

Rope manipulator for bags

Rope manipulator for bags Posifil with vacuum turbine The POSIFIL Manipulator, equipped with electrical turbine vacuum pump, allows the handling of paper and plastic bags, cardboard boxes, rubber bales, drums etc., using standard or customized suction cups according to the applications.