Manual handling of loads – Refrigerator doors

Manual handling of loads – Refrigerator doors Dalmec pinch jaws gripping system mounted on the Manipulator Partner Equo column mounted version on base-plate, suitable for grippingrefrigerator doors

Handling of valve components

Handling of valve components – hydraulic valve assembly Manipulator Partner, column mounted, designed to assemble big hydraulic valves.

Pails handling

Pails handling PVC type Posivel manipulator, column version, equipped with specially shaped hook designed for gripping and handling pails.

Handling systems for camper furniture

Handling systems for camper furniture – Partner Equo column mounted manipulator

Manipulator scrap metal bales

Dalmec manipulator for handling one or more scrap bales. Pneumatic Manipulator Partner, column mounted version, equipped with a gripping system with pneumatic jaws for palletizing scrap bales.

Lift assist device for reels

Lift assist device or Dalmec manipulator Parter type, column mounted version for handling reels of insulating material.

Emptying of pails

Emptying of pails – Rope balancers for pails This double rope Manipulator type Posivel with gripping device suitable for handling and emptying pails is a simple, ergonomic and economical solution. The load balancing is automatic and allows emptying the pail in a balanced state. The represented Posivel Manipulator is in

Wooden crates handling

Wooden crates handling – Manipulator Partner Equo type, column mounted version, equipped with a suction cups gripping device for the handling of large wooden crates,

Zero balancer Megapartner

Zero balancer for metal molds Manipulator Megapartner equipped with a specific pinch jaws gripping tool, connected to the terminal arm of the Manipulator, is able to to move aluminium molds having variable dimensions and weight equal to 300 kg.

Bricks handling

Bricks handling – Manipulators for building materials Manipulator Partner Equo type, column mounted version, equipped with a pinch jaws device designed for the gripping of bricks blocks.

Sheets handling bending

Sheets – handling – bending Manipulator fitted with adjustable suction cups tooling designed for the gripping and positioning of steel plates on a bending machine.

Megapartner for metal cabinets maximum weight capacity 1500 kg

Zero balancers for metal cabinets maximum weight capacity 1500 kg.

New Manipulator Posiplus

NEW PNEUMATIC MANIPULATOR POSIPLUS PP WITH DOUBLE CABLE POSIPLUS PP is a double cable manipulator with high load capacities, capable of handling loads up to 200 kg and reaching working radii up to 4500 mm.

Rope manipulator for bags

Rope manipulator for bags Posifil with vacuum turbine The POSIFIL Manipulator, equipped with electrical turbine vacuum pump, allows the handling of paper and plastic bags, cardboard boxes, rubber bales, drums etc.,

Lifter for tree logs

Lifter for tree logs – Wood Manipulator Partner Equo, overhead version, equipped with a double head pinch jaws tooling suitable for gripping and handling one or two logs at the same time having variable dimensions and weight. 


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