Dalmec is constantly investing in research and innovation

Stainless steel positioner

Stainless steel positioner for bags Manipulator standard Partner type, completely made of stainless steel, fitted with suction cup tooling for the gripping and handling of bags.

Food containers

Manipulator for containers Manipulators Partner Equo type, column mounted version, equipped with retractable fork gripping device and locking system for handling cardboard containers for food products.

Positioner rubber wheels – raw tyres

Positioner for rubber wheels Manipulator, Posifil type, fixed overhead version, equipped with a gripping device with concentric jaws suitable for the gripping and handling of rubber wheels – raw tyres

Positioner floor pans – metal sheets

Positioner for floor pans – metal sheets Dalmec gripping system with a suction cups device applied to Partner Equo Manipulator for the lifting and handling of metal sheet floor pans for vehicles.