Handling of glasses – windscreens

Lifter for glasses. Dalmec gripping system with a suction cups device mounted on a Partner Equo Manipulator for the lifting and handling of glasses – windscreens for vehicles..

Handling of casting moulds

Pneumatic Manipulator, Partner Equo type, with gripping jaws for picking and handling casting moulds. Handling of casting moulds – Pneumatic Manipulator Partner, overhead running version, with pinch jaws gripping tooling to pick, handle, and after a 180 ° rotation, to place incandescent casting moulds on a special plant. The gripping tool is equipped with protection

Dalpiaz Dino – vince il Bridgestone

Dalpiaz Dino vince il campionato Brigdgestone Prestigioso successo per il nostro dipendente Dino Dalpiaz che con la sua Bmw S1000rr si è aggiudicato il Trofeo Bridgestone conquistando il primo posto nella categoria Silver Gold.  

Loading / unloading automated warehouses

Manipulator Partner Equo with magnet lifting equipment for loading / unloading automated warehouses Manipulator Partner Equo, column mounted version with base to be fixed to the floor, designed for the loading and unloading of automated warehouses. The manipulator equipped with gripping magnet enables the handling of metallic products having different shapes, weights and dimensions. Dalmec

The new office of our branch in Dubai – GULFMEC

Gulfmec On June 1st 2016 it was inaugurated the new headquarters of GULFMEC FZE in Dubai with an increased sales network and maintenance service. GULFMEC is our branch office for the countries of the Persian Gulf with the task to promote and market our products and assist our customers in this area.