Handling arm for boilers

Handling arm for boilers. Manipulator, fixed overhead version, equipped with Dalmec pinch jaws gripping system for lifting and handling boilers.

Displacement of artifacts – tiles

Displacement of artifacts – tiles Manipulator Partner Equo, column mounted version, equipped with double gripping system jaws / suction cups, suitable for gripping and handling packs of tiles of varying size and weight.

Pneumatic lifter Dalmec for metal sheets

Pneumatic lifter  – metal sheets Dalmec Manipulator Partner type, fixed overhead version, equipped with adjustable suction cups device designed to grip, handle and rotate metal sheets with different weight and dimensions.

2019 Dalmec

2019. Another year of successful growth and continuous important investments. Dalmec started a new expansion project in the last months of 2019. The construction of an additional shed warehouse to Dalmec Support, with the installation of new laser cutting systems inside, is in the final stage. A year full of satisfactions has gone. 2200 Manipulators have been

Stainless steel positioner

Stainless steel positioner for bags Manipulator standard Partner type, completely made of stainless steel, fitted with suction cup tooling for the gripping and handling of bags.

Food containers

Manipulator for containers Manipulators Partner Equo type, column mounted version, equipped with retractable fork gripping device and locking system for handling cardboard containers for food products.