Lifter with magnet

Lifter with magnet  – Manipulator Partner Equo with magnet for loading / unloading welding centers etc. Manipulator Partner Equo, column mounted version with base to be fixed to the floor, designed for the loading and unloading of welding centers, machining centers, milling machines, lathes, etc. The manipulator equipped with gripping magnet enables the handling of

Rope manipulator for bricks

Rope manipulator Posifil for handling bricks – tiles Manipulator Posifil, column mounted version, with maximum radius of 5000 mm, equipped with a pantograph gripping device able to handle bricks of different sizes and weights.

Lift assist device for incandescent pieces

Lift assist device for incandescent pieces PEC type Partner manipulator, fixed overhead, equipped with pinch jaws tooling for handling incandescent parts. The device is suitable for the handling of the part during the processing phases on the machine tools. The gripping tooling is  equipped with a pneumatic rotation group and allows the gripping of parts

Stainless steel Manipulator Partner Equo – 03/2018

Stainless steel Manipulator Partner Equo for handling moulds Manipulator Partner Equo column mounted version, completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, is fitted with pneumatic jaws, designed for the handling of moulds for food products. The weight capacity is 375 Kg and the maximum radius is 2250 mm.