Handling of layers of cardboard boxes

Handling of layers of cardboard boxes Dalmec pinch jaws gripping system for cardboard boxes stacked in layers. The tooling applied to Manipulator Partner Equo  handles complete layers, composed of 12 boxes. The Manipulator equipped with lowered controls allows to palletize/depalletize boxes up to about 2 meters from the floor.

Reel-carrier shafts

Manipulator Partner for reel-carrier shafts. Manipulator Parter column mounted version, equipped with a gripping device with jaws designed to grip reel-carrier shafts on their terminal part. The tooling allows to grip the shaft and insert it into the inside core of the reel.

2016 Dalmec

2016. Celebrating another year of success and satisfaction Some of our manipulators manufactured and installed in 2016

Handling of glasses – windscreens

Lifter for glasses. Dalmec gripping system with a suction cups device mounted on a Partner Equo Manipulator for the lifting and handling of glasses – windscreens for vehicles..

Handling of casting moulds

Pneumatic Manipulator, Partner Equo type, with gripping jaws for picking and handling casting moulds. Handling of casting moulds – Pneumatic Manipulator Partner, overhead running version, with pinch jaws gripping tooling to pick, handle, and after a 180 ° rotation, to place incandescent casting moulds on a special plant. The gripping tool is equipped with protection