The new office of our branch in Dubai – GULFMEC

Gulfmec On June 1st 2016 it was inaugurated the new headquarters of GULFMEC FZE in Dubai with an increased sales network and maintenance service. GULFMEC is our branch office for the countries of the Persian Gulf with the task to promote and market our products and assist our customers in this area.

Megapartner sheets

Industrial manipulator for metal sheets The MEGAPARTNER MG, is a manipulator with extremely high load capacity. It had been designed to handle loads up to 1500 Kg and reach working radii up to 5000 mm with loads of 650 kg, always maintaining a good handiness and fluidity and providing the operator moderate efforts in good

Reels of insulating material

Manipulator for handling and lifting reels of insulating material. Dalmec manipulator Partner type, column mounted version, designed for handling reels of insulating material. The gripper tooling is provided with interchangeable jaws for handling reels of insulating material about their external diameter with different diameters and it is equipped with a pneumatic system for the 90°

Tanks – containers

Lifting systems for tanks Partner manipulator column mounted version, equipped with suction cups tooling for gripping on the outer sides of the tanks. The position of the suction cups is adjustable thus allowing the handling of reservoirs with different and variable dimensions. The tooling is also equipped with telescopic controls. The manipulator is installed on

Parts of aircraft turbine

Manipulator for parts of aircraft turbine. Manipulator Partner Equo, column version, equipped with pinch jaws tooling for handling parts of aircraft turbine.