Pipe rolls

Dalmec weight zeroiser type Maxipartner Equo in column version for handling pipe rolls.

Dalmec weight zeroiser with pinch jaws tooling, suitable for gripping and handling pipe rolls with different diameters, weights and dimensions. The tooling allows gripping on the inside of the roll and depositing in its packaging.

There are hundreds of Dalmec manipulators operating in the world’s best industries for handling rolls/reels. 

Equipped with different types of gripping devices we are able to lift, rotate, tilt rolls of all sizes and materials from 5 kg to 1500 kg.

Dalmec weight zeroiser, type Maxipartner Equo in column version. 

Rolls/reels represent one of the most common handling requirements for Dalmec. 

For this reason, the wide range of Dalmec manipulators, equipped with customised gripping devices, suitable for the different types of reels in existence, responds effectively to the various customer requirements.