Pneumatic lifter Dalmec for metal sheets

Pneumatic lifter  – metal sheets

Dalmec Manipulator Partner type, fixed overhead version, equipped with adjustable suction cups device designed to grip, handle and rotate metal sheets with different weight and dimensions.

The pneumatic manipulator Partner PE overhead version allows to eliminate any obstructions on the floor.

The flange of the Manipulator is manufactured with holes for the fastening with screws to a robust plate to the ceiling or to a shelf or to an offset arm placed on a column (proposed solution).

All movements are free and are obtained with minimum effort by the direct action of the operator on the gripping tooling or on the load. Dalmec is present in companies all over the world. Dalmec engineers and consultants have the necessary know-how to work with you during the whole process, from conception and design to the implementation of a new sector solution.

Partner Equo overhead version

Pneumatic lifter – metal sheets


Dalmec pneumatic lifter for metal sheets handling

Dalmec presents a wide range of versatile solutions to allow the lifting of products weighing from 10 up to 1500 kilograms. This is possible because we are able to design and manufacture gripping systems for any kind of application.

Dalmec gripping system with adjustable suction cups for gripping and handling of metal sheets with different weight and dimensions mounted onto the Manipulator Partner Equo in the overhead version.