Sheets handling bending

Sheets – handling – bending

Manipulator fitted with adjustable suction cups tooling designed for the gripping and positioning of steel plates on a bending machine.

Custom-made technology

The configuration possibilities of Dalmec products are really numerous, starting from the type of installation. The “auto-stable” baseplate ensures stability and safety without foundation work, allowing the customer to move the manipulator inside the workshop simply using a forklift. Alternatively, the manipulator can be installed on a track, which can be mounted on the floor or overhead. The weight capacity of Dalmec solutions can reach 1,500 kg, thus allowing a single operator to quickly and safely carry out activities that in the past required more people. There are three gripping systems available: suction cups, gripping tools or magnets. “Suction cups are the most common solution, but you have to be very careful what type of suction cup to choose. In some processes, in fact, the sheet can exceed 60° C, and this requires the use of suction cups with a suitable compound, which maintains its characteristics even at these temperatures. It is also necessary to consider the possible presence of oil on the surface, which requires a particular type of suction cup. Another factor not to be underestimated is the aesthetic aspect, since the suction cup must not leave halos on the sheets already painted». When the sheet metal has numerous holes, the suction cups has the space for the magnets, which are excited by a patented system that uses a small piston driven by compressed air. “Our manipulators, which have the characteristic of being completely pneumatic, are the result of intense research and development that allows us to solve the problems of our customers Dalmec manipulators are also used by people with difficulty lifting weights, who can lift the sheet metal without effort from the fach bed of the laser cut without having it crawl on it, or they can perform creases to perfection by placing large sheets in the folding press with the right precision. This is because we study our solutions in order to correctly balance the weight of the product being handled, allowing the operator to move the product as if it were in the absence of gravity, then moving naturally, effortlessly and positioning it with great precision. In addition, by locking the manipulator in a certain position it is possible to use it as if it were a work bench, to allow the operator to assemble small components without having to return to the assembly station».

Partner Equo overhead version

Pneumatic lifter – metal sheets

Handling systems for sheets

Partner type manipulator, column mounted version, fitted with suction cups tooling for handing sheets from a conveyor or pallet and positioning them on a bending machine.

The position of the suction cups is manually adjustable to allow the gripping of sheets having different dimensions.

Simple to use, they allow the operator to move loads of all sizes and materials with a weight from 5 Kg to 900 Kg throughout the working area quickly, accurately and safely.

Dalmec Manipulators are custom-built, with specially adapted design, dimensions and picking systems to suit the specific requirements of the users and the various environmental conditions available.