Car components handling – Bonnets


Car components handling – Bonnets

Partner Manipulator, fixed overhead, equipped with a suction cups tooling for gripping, handling and installation of front bonnets.

The pneumatic manipulator Partner PE fixed overhead version allows to eliminate any floor obstructions.

The flange of the Manipulator is supplied with holes for the anchoring with screws to a strong plate to the ceiling or to a shelf.

All movements are free and are obtained with minimum effort by the direct action of the operator on the gripping tooling or on the load.

The main purpose of DALMEC manipulators is to assist the customer and give him support to reduce the weight of his workload and to enable him to work safely, efficiently and precisely. DALMEC continuously strives every day to find the best solution to allow the handling of any kind of product without any effort in accordance with the ergonomic criteria.

Short overview of Dalmec manipulators for handling car components.

Dalmec presents a wide range of versatile solutions to allow the lifting of products weighing from 10 up to 1500 kilograms. This is possible because we are able to design and manufacture gripping systems for any kind of application.