Hook – Manipulator Posivel

Manipolatore con gancio tipo Posivel.

Manipolatore Posivel, esecuzione a colonna, corredato di gancio per l’asservimento di una macchina utensile.

Pneumatic Manipulator POSIVEL PV with double cable, is generally realized with hook and can be also equipped with simple gripping tools to allow the handling of light loads in a weightless condition in any direction.
The particular double arm structure and medium joint makes it easy to handle and precise throughout the working area.

Posivel hook

Posivel hook

Manipulator Posivel for mechanical parts.

PVC type Posivel manipulator, column design, equipped with specially shaped hook designed for handling mechanical parts.

Simple to use, they allow the operator to move boxes, bags, packaging, and food products of all kinds throughout the working area quickly, accurately and safely.
Dalmec Manipulators are custom-built, with specially adapted design, dimensions and picking systems to suit the specific requirements of the users and the various environmental conditions available.

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