Handling of wooden

Handling of wooden planks and beams

Handling of wooden planks and beams – Manipulator Partner Equo type, column mounted version, equipped with a suction cups gripping device for the handling of wooden planks or beams of variable sizes. The gripping tooling allows the picking of the wooden planks and of the beams from roller conveyor and positioning them on pallet. 

In this specific case, the manipulator has an important radius of action equal to R max =3500 mm and a capacity of 100 kg.

Dalmec Manipulators are world renowned for their outstanding design and technological qualities, for various unique components covered by international patents, and strong specialization with specific solutions for each product sector.

DALMEC questions itself every day to find the right solution to allow the handling of products in the absence of weight in compliance with ergonomic rules.

Handling of wooden planks and beams – Industrial Manipulators Partner Equo for wood industry.

Dalmec sucion cups gripping system combined with the Manipulator Partner type for the handling wooden planks and beams of variable size.