Megapartner sheets

Industrial manipulator for metal sheets

The MEGAPARTNER MG, is a manipulator with extremely high load capacity.

It had been designed to handle loads up to 1500 Kg and reach working radii up to 5000 mm with loads of 650 kg, always maintaining a good handiness and fluidity and providing the operator moderate efforts in good ergonomic conditions and in complete safety.


Main features:

– Max. weight capacity 1500 Kg with a radius of 2500 mm

– Max. weight capacity 650 kg with a radius of 5000 mm

Every project is developed according to the instructions given by the Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery and after a careful and a methodical analysis of the risks.
Each manipulator ensures security and safety of operation.
Dalmec is present in companies all over the world. Dalmec engineers and consultants have the necessary know-how to work with you during the whole process, from conception and design to the implementation of a new sector solution.

Metal sheets handler

Megapartner manipulator, column mounted, equipped with suction cups tooling for handling metal sheets from pallet or conveyor to a machine tool.

The position of the suction cups is manually adjustable to allow the gripping of sheets having different dimensions.

Easy to use, they allow the operator to move loads of all sizes and materials with a weight from 5 Kg to 1500 Kg throughout the working area quickly, accurately and safely.
Dalmec Manipulators are custom-built, with specially adapted design, dimensions and picking systems to suit the specific requirements of the users and the various environmental conditions available.